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What is EduglocalQuest.eu?

This web resource provides structured content in the form of a webquest for teachers and pupils to explore 'Glocal Education'.

What is Eduglocal?

Eduglocal is a European project which aims to engage teachers and young people in thinking and reflecting upon global problems whilst acting locally. The team behind it connects formal and informal education institutions in five EU countries to develop civic and social competences in the younger generations, as the very basis for a responsible and active citizenship in the World of the 21st Century.

How do I use Eduglocal Quests?

We have highlighted five themes involved in glocal education. Choose one of these theme islands from the homepage or holistic menu. You will then see a collection of quests which can be used when learning about this area of glocal education. You can use the buttons above the list of Quests to filter it further; for example, by showing Quests that involve Food and another theme, or show all Food Quests in a particular language.

Each Eduglocal Quest is structured in six sections, which you can open by clicking on the menu bars – Introduction, Task, Process, Resources, Learning Objectives, Action Report. The resources will help you to complete the Quest. For some Quests the Resources are included at the end of the Process section, for others they are in their own section.  When you complete the Quest you should use the Action Report to record your progress. You can include an image as evidence of your work too. The Action Report will then be sent to the email addresses you include in it.

You are now ready to start your next Eduglocal Quest!


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